California Laws Will Go Into Effect 2023!

AB-1314 Feather Alert System

It is called the Feather Alert System it’s kind of like the Amber Alert system. It is specifically used to find indigenous people.

These new state holidays are now signed in to law:

Genocide Remembrance Day (April 24)

Juneteenth (June 19)

Lunar New Year (on the second or third new moon following the winter solstice).

Native American Day (fourth Friday of September) .

This doesn’t mean you get the day off or get paid, it all depends who you work for.

AB-1909 Vehicles: bicycle omnibus bill.

Drivers have to change lanes when passing a bicycle on the street.

AB-2098 Physicians and surgeons: unprofessional conduct.

It will be easier for the medical board to punish doctors who spread Covid misinformation.

AB-587 Social media companies: terms of service.

Social media has to publicly post policies on hate speech, misinformation, and harassment and have to share reports of violations and enforcement.

SB-951 Paid Family Leave Benefits

This will increase for lower and middle-class employees to cover more of their regular income when they take time off or care for a loved one.