Fun facts

There have been 509 people on the FBI’s most wanted list and 478 of those have been caught!

Siracha has a rooster on the bottle because the guy that created Siracha was born in 1945! Which was the year of the rooster?

91-year-old Warren Buffet is worth approximately 204.4 Billion dollars.

(It is 4 or 5 billion for an NFL franchise, keep that in mind! ) he has made more than 90% of that by his 50th birthday.

You Wizard of Oz fans. This 1939 film had a cowardly lion in the movie, and his costume was made of real lion skin! Can you think about them doing that now? That is frowned upon nowadays. Imagine some crazy person running on the set and straight throwing red paint.

Disney passed on the Little Mermaid because it conflicted with another movie they were planning the sequel of the movie Splash so Splash 2 (Tom Hanks Eugene Levy, John Candy, Daryl Hannah). In the end they changed their mind and went with the Little Mermaid (back in 1989).