Your Favorite Governor Newsom Ending with Kindergarten For Good

No kindergarten requirement means no money for the little ones. How is this slipping right through all of us public school parents? Our future generation of kids will no longer have kinder in public schools? Listen, as a single mother I needed the extra help raising my little one. The pressure as a parent to make sure your child doesn’t fall behind intellectually is real. It all comes back to the parent and how we raise our kids, but how can we raise our kids if we see this kind of change in our school system? What benefit comes from deducting $268 million dollars from the yearly budget?

Oh wait, let’s just pull the money from the little ones since they don’t need it the most. The governor, who has touted his commitment to early education with universal pre-kindergarten, said in a Sunday night veto message on Senate Bill 70 that the cost of requiring kindergarten starting in the 2024-25 school year — up to $268 million annually — means the issue should be dealt with during budget talks.

Newsom also vetoed legislation by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, AB 1973, that would have required all elementary schools to offer full-day kindergarten by 2030, again citing costs.