Chaos in VOLARIS airline again, and again!

I can just say that this year was by far the worst it’s been at the airports. Christmas weekend and many travelers are losing their minds! From canceled and delayed flights due to weather issues but what in the hell is going on in Tijuana Mexico Airport? Specifically, the VOLARIS airline that is in the major fire! Just seeing the stressed look on all of the people in the airport crushes me. It is very sad to see the number of people that are suffering. It’s even scarier to see the number of people that are keeping their cool before they hit a tipping point. I give mad respect to these workers that have to deal with this shit, but who is to blame? Is it the understaffing or overbooking?  Or is it due to the weather? OH WAIT there is no snow or severe weather conditions in MEXICO! Or is it these cheap-ass airline companies such as VOLARIS that rob our people and keep robbing our people from Mexico even if the Departement of Transportation (DOT)has penalized them in the past due to unnecessary overcharging on all kinds of shit? To what extent do our people have to suffer from the abuse of these big companies? This should be a wake-up call to everybody. Check out these videos to see if it doesn’t get your blood boiling.